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Do you know why you are reading this article? Sure you know that!!!
Is this a big problem indeed? Believe me,  it's not. Do you know why, because we do not understand the basic physiology of our penile structure? Before moving on to various ways it's very important for anyone to understand the basic cause why Erection problems occur at all but before that it's important to know how Erection occurs.

How an Erection Problem Occurs?

    For an erection to occur below sequence is being followed by our body:

  1. The first thing that must happen is psychosexual stimulation. This is possible by the male sex drive also called libido.
  2. Our brain then sends the impulses through the nerves to the penis.
  3. These nerve impulses help in relaxing  the smooth muscles of our arteries that supply blood to  the penis.
  4. Relaxed muscles lead to engorgement and subsequent erection of the penis.
  5. After the orgasm, the blood returns to the normal circulation and the penis returns back to a soft (flaccid) state.
  6. Even if there is a minor disturbance in any of these steps like i) a decreased blood supply or ii)  disturbances in the mechanism of nerves or iii) psychological problems, the erection problems occur.


This above-mentioned fact is the root cause and all the medicines are it herbal or drugs or any exercises recommended revolve around this basic principle of increasing the blood flow to the penis since this is the major cause that has been diagnosed in more than 80% of men suffering from Erection Problems.

Best Solutions - how the blood flow to the organ is increased?

1. Best Solution (Natural):

Vacuum Erection Device especially the US FDA certified as they are tested for the vacuum they create and the negative pressure they build to draw the blood into the penis externally. It's the only external method available and highly successful without any effect on other organs of the body. The erection occurs in less than a minute. Only thing is its initial cost ranging from 12000 to 14000/- but its worth an investment seeing the recurring costs of pills every year along with consultation fee.


This is a one-time buy product for life. The good thing about these devices is that they are safe for people with Diabetes, BP, and cardiac problems. Moreover, they also help in premature ejaculation problem due to the constrictive rings present at the base of the penis.

2. Best Solution (Natural):

Try to get some herbal medicines but the effect would be delayed to few months. It can work as an additional supplement that would help over a period of time. These herbal medicines also help increase the blood flow but not particularly to the penis. It can’t direct or change the direction of the blood flow to any particular organ.

The blood supply would be uniform after the heart pumps it. Understand the body as a structure of different pipes connected to the main supply and the heart valves being the mediator. The medicines can’t select to which pipe or nerve the blood should flow. It would only ensure more pumping to all parts.

3. Best Solution (Natural):

Penile Implant Surgery is one expensive solution costing in lacs. It's a recommended solution but the only drawback is in case there is some complication the whole procedure is to be redone. In surgery, the blood flow is directed to the penis directly and a small valve is implanted to control the flow.

4. Best Solution (Natural):

Generally not recommended is the use of pills that brings an effect in an hour. The reason for not recommending the same is high side effects and long term harm to different parts of the body.

The principle here is same that the blood flow is increased three to four times when pills are consumed and this high pressured blood can move to eyes, ears, kidney and liver that causes damage over a period of time. The diabetic, BP and cardiac patients should avoid the same. It's not recommended with many medicines due to the chemical reactions that take place leading to serious problems.

Causes of why the blood flow stops: 

  • Age:  With age, there is a natural slowing down of many bodily functions. From a sexual viewpoint, this could be in form of less firmness of erections and short lasting erections. The changes can be caused due to low testosterone or less blood flow or any other disease like Parkinson, prostate, cardiac, Diabetes and BP that are more common in men.
  • Alcohol Intake and Smoking: Substances added to alcohol and cigarettes affect both the nerves and the vessels leading to an erection problem.
  • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension): Hypertension affects erection in two ways: i) by the changes caused by the blood vessels. Ii) by the medicines used for treatment. Arteries lose their elasticity due to hypertension and therefore cannot accommodate the pressure of blood needed for an erection.  The hypertension effects on erection problems are multiplied over a period of time and a person doesn’t even realize it before it becomes too severe.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes along with BP are the major reasons for an erection problem. Longer diabetes severe the problem. 85% of all men with diabetes face erection problems. Diabetes affects the nerve impulses as well as the blood flow to the penis. Healthy blood vessels are required for the engorgement of penile tissues leading to an erection.
  • Blood Flow Decreased: The blood flow, if reduced to the penis, would affect the election directly. Either one will get weak erections or short lasting. The blood flow is decreased normally due to arteriosclerosis (clogged arteries), High BP or Diabetes. Men having clogged arteries in the heart would often face this problem with arteries leading to the penis.

Some simple routines to be followed: 
  1. Walking for 2 kilometers a day.
  1. Drinking at least one glass of watermelon juice—it provides the body with amino acids.
  1. Pelvic exercises – use vacuum erection device for around 10 minutes a day. 


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