Get Started Kegel Exercises With Easiest Ways

Important Tips to Make Kegel Exercises a Regular Habit:

Any exercise if done regularly and consistently would be the most effective. There is no other way out. Irregular exercises yield hardly any results.
Always Stay consistent: Try to do Kegel exercises same time every day either in the morning while urinating or while brushing your teeth or while watching TV. 

Be Attentive: Keep a note that after three months your erection has improved. Though it would not be as good as in the 20s but still better than before.
Kegel exercises give strength to the pelvic floor (pubococcygeus) muscles and improve blood flow to the penis region.
When one performs these exercises correctly, it helps lift up one’s testicles and gives strength to anal muscles and also increase the flow of blood to the penis, all simultaneously.
This muscle connection along with the blood flow very clearly clarifies why such exercises can be so very effective in men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.
The good thing about Kegel is it costs nothing as compared to Vacuum Constriction device. It has no side effects and can be performed anywhere, anytime, anyplace.
5 minutes a day of exercises should help you get your erection back.

The easiest way to get started is:

Step 1: Try to imagine yourself urinating intensely and suddenly someone walks into the room. This would definitely require you to stop the urine.

Step 2: Flex those muscles now that you would use to stop the urine and feel the tightening between the anus and your testicles.
  • Do not tense your legs, stomach or butt muscles and just focus on lifting the pelvic floor upward.
  • If your penis has moved closer to your abdomen and there is a rise in your testicles then it means one Kegel is performed. You must do 20 such repetitions.

Step 3: 20 Kegel repetitions thrice a day is a good way to start. Most men have a problem of remembering to do them,  which calls for disciplining yourself by the clock. Fix alarms and shed your laziness.

Also, you should know some features of Vacuum Constriction device which is another natural way to solve ED problems

US FDA certified Vacuum Constriction Device:

  • A device which gives erection in just 60 seconds!
  • Very safe for people with Diabetic, Cardiac and BP issues.
  • Non-Invasive and no side effects.
  • A lifetime product.
  • Helps people with Premature ejaculation as well.

Summary :

There are just two ways to cure ED in a natural manner and that is Kegel and US FDA certified Vacuum Constriction Device
Any pill or herbal supplements would definitely carry its side effect. It has been found in one of the herbal supplement that it contained sildenafil more than three times that in Viagra.

Be careful with your body lest you should lose an important experience of your life. Be Natural, Be Safe!


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