Most Natural Solution For Men's Erection Problem - ED Device

Before we understand the erection problem we must first know why at all erection occurs.

What causes erection in the penis ?

The Erection occurs in the body when the mind is stimulated by observing something sensual that gives signal to the penis through the nervous system. 
With these signals the nerves open up and the blood flow increases in the penis area, the blood pressure in the specific penis area is almost double that of blood pressure in other parts of the body leading to erection. 

Why is Penis erect when one gets up in the Morning ?

During the day our brain releases a chemical called nor adrenaline, a hormone that stops erections. When we sleep our brain releases less of it. This makes penis erections more during night time.
Consistently having erections during sleep indicates healthy blood flow to the penis, which is also necessary for getting hard when one is turned on. 

What To Do If Morning Erections are absent ? 

There is nothing to  worry if  for few days you wake up without an erect penis , you might still be getting erections during sleep. 
But if the phenomena has gone too long for say a month or two then its time to give those muscles an exercise. A complete loss of erection depicts depression, stress, or anyother underlying health issues like heart disease. This is also one of the early signs of low testosterone. 
Treating the underlying issues—say, using Vacuum Constriction device is the best possible way as it naturally draws the blood into the penis leading it to erection. 
Pills are the most dangerous thing one can use to get erection. Herbal pills also claim a lot of natural produce but these are all fake claims. FDA lab tests have revealed that there are at least 300 kinds of herbal Viagra that contain ingredients which are not on the label. 
Some of the additives often included synthetic versions of sildenafil or tadalafil which are the active ingredients in the prescription ED drugs Cialis and Viagra. In fact, one supplement packed 31 times the tadalfil dose in Cialis, as per a 2013 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. 

What is the natural way to achieve erection then ?

With side effects of Pills and Herbal medicines that are being sold in the open market which are not even tested by FDA it is very difficult for a layman to know how exactly should he get the erection problem solved without any side effects to any other parts of the body. 
If someone can invest around 10000 to 12000 then the best way is to go for Vacuum Constriction device as its a One time buy product. It works simply on the principal of Vacuum Therapy and gives results in just 60 seconds!! 
The device is made up of high grade plastic along with medical grade silicon rings. The device is unbreakable unless broken forcefully and lasts for 10 to 15 years. 
The routine checkups to the doctors and running around chemists to buy that pill simply vanish. The device is simple to use and can be used any number of times. 
Erection problem is actually solved in 60 seconds without meeting any doctor or even discussing the problem with anyone. 
Other than solving Erection issues this device also helps one with early discharge problems. The constriction ring not only helps in sustaining the erection but also improves the time of discharge. This has been observed by many users across the globe but scientifically premature ejaculation is related to neurology  and therefore the FDA certification is only given for using these devices for Erectile Dysfunction treatment. 
Its recommended that only US FDA certified Vacuum Constriction device is being purchased and no local made pumps be used. The organ is sensitive and US FDA tests these devices for the pressure generated and other necessary safety measures before certifying these devices to be Over The Counter device.
If one finds it difficult to invest in a Vacuum Constriction Device he should try exercises that strengthen the pelvic muscles rather than going in for medicines or any herbal or desi ilaaj. 

Pelvic muscle exercise :

Strengthening your Pelvic muscle (it’s located in the same area for men and women) is important for both genders to help overcome sex problems. It can lead to great orgasms.
So what is required is to contract your pelvic floor muscles internally, keep the same contracted till you count five and then relax the muscles. This is one cycle. Contract, count till five,  then relax those muscles. This is to be repeated 5 to 10 times.
This exercise is essential for helping to correct erection problems.

Best Exercise for Strengthening Supporting Sex Muscles

Without this second exercise one’s other muscles may become tired and unable to complete the sexual act. This results in loss of mutual satisfaction for both partners. This one exercise strengthens your arms, shoulders, abs, lower back, legs, chest and buttocks.
Push-Ups. Instead of lowering all the way to the ground, one needs to  lower himself ONLY halfway down.
Half push-ups are easier to achieve also help in faster repetitions. It increases sexual health as well as sexual fitness and stamina. 20 to 30 push ups done during the day at different intervals or as per one’s comfort are sufficient to start with. 

Best Exercise for Increasing Overall Sexual Fitness

This exercise increases the blood flow to all the areas of one’s body. It strengthens one’s hip, abdominal and upper leg muscles as well as the  pelvic floor. This exercise also strengthens one’s lymphatic system that helps remove toxins from one’s cells. This helps one feel less lethargic and gather more energy for sex.
Rebounding on a mini trampoline for 10 minutes, twice a day can do wonders for one’s overall health. For safety purpose please make sure that there is padding which covers all the springs on that rebounded.
Make sure you have your feet turned out slightly as you bounce lightly. Think five to one on a clock face. This will ensure your joints are correctly loaded and avoid an injury. Keep your feet in contact with the trampoline, you only require a gentle bounce to achieve maximum benefit from this exercise.
So there you have it. Use “dead time” to exercise your sexual muscles. This includes when you are sitting in traffic, waiting for your turn to use the bathroom, waiting for the kettle to boil, etc. Another great time to exercises, is during the ad breaks during your favourite TV shows.
Be sure to do sexual exercises every day to improve your chances of performing better and lasting longer during the sexual act.

Other Factors for Solving Sex Problems

Exercises alone are not enough though to  but they play a big role in getting that desirable moment faster. There are other factors that disturbs one’s sexual health be it Erectile Dysfunction or Premature ejaculation. 
Even though US FDA Certified Vacuum Constriction Device is a boon to people facing such issues still there is no harm in seeing your urologist to get an opinion.


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