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A VCD or  Vacuum Constriction Device also known as Vacuum erection Device is a device that helps create erection in penis in just 60 seconds!! The device is an excellent system that is useful for all ages and is effective under all medical conditions.

Irrespective of Cardiac, Diabetes or BP problems this device works perfectly and is safe. In addition to helping old it is of immense use for young men as it helps get rid of early discharge problems.

The side effects are nil as it is non-invasive and the erection is created externally.

Basic Principle :

The blood flow to the penis is the main reason of occurrence of erection in the penis. Normally people take harmful pills that increase the blood flow by higher pumping by heart which is extremely dangerous. The blood flows to all the organs causing dizziness, headache, vision and hearing issues and in many cases affecting the kidney, liver and heart as well.  Vacuum Constriction device does the same job but externally which means the blood flow is increased only in the penis and no other organ gets affected at all. Its a one time buy product saving one from repeat visits to chemists and doctors.

How it Works ( Watch Video Online ) :

Vacurect is a mechanical device that has a small plastic cylinder placed on tip of the penis. The sleeve is pushed up and down and with in 60 seconds the erection occurs and the cylinder is removed leaving the ring at the base of the penis to sustain the erection for at least 30 minutes. It's  advised that after 30 minutes ring must be removed to relax the penis muscles.

Users’ feedback :

Most of the users who used the device are delighted because it has solved their years long problem within seconds but there are many who  who purchased cheap and non-approved devices and therefore face difficulty. Only if a device is tested ok on various performance parameters like vacuum creation pressure and the inbuilt safety features the US FDA considers it for certification.

In European countries this device is covered under Insurance as its recommended by the doctors there. In Asian countries it might take few years to follow the trend.

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Below table illustrates the differences between different solutions mentioned above:

Vacuum Constriction Device
Basic Principle
A pair of rods is implanted within the penis chamber.
Increase pumping of Heart leading to increase in blood flow to all the body parts.
Works only on the  organ to increase blood flow.
Heartbeat Rate
No known Effect
No Effect at all
Response Time
5 to 6 weeks to normal intercourse.
1 hour or more.
Just 60 seconds!!!
How it Works
Two attached cylinders are placed in the body surgically. There is one reservoir and one pump.  Man presses the pump to get erection.
Faster pumping of blood by heart leads to blood flow to all the organs including penis leading to erection
Blood is drawn only in the penis leading to erection. Other organs remain unaffected completely.
Any number of time.
Not advised more than twice a week.
Can be used any number of time.
Not to be used by
Normally it is advised for people who have permanent problem and when medicines and Pumps do not give any results.
heart patients, stroke patients , Under 18 years, people taking any form of nitrate medications,  people with low blood pressure, liver patients, retinitis or NAION problem in eyes.
Men with Priapism and leukaemia
Side Effects
Infection. Mechanical failure leading to re-operation or removal.
Kidney, Heart, Liver, Hearing and Vision are affected due to excessive flow of blood.
headache; upset stomach; abnormal vision, back pain; muscle pain; nausea; dizziness; rash.

No known side effects.
Not to be taken if already taking these medicines.
Can be done along with any medicines .
Anyone taking Medicines with nitrates, medicines called alpha blockers prescribed for prostate problems and high Blood pressure,  medicines of BP, Hypertension, ,  medicines called guanylate cyclise stimulators,. Not to be used in case already taking some antibiotics and any other ED related medicines.
Can be taken along with any medicine. Only blood thinners to be avoided when using this.
Prescription Drug
Yes, Doctor’s only can do this.
Yes, must be prescribed by doctors.
No prescriptions required. Available online or Over The Counter!
Satisfaction Rate
About 96%
About 80%
About 96%
Rs. 3 to 4 lacs
Approximately Rs. 15,000/- for One year
Around 12000 for whole life
Chemists and Druggists
Online at Vacurect and few authorised chemists.

The above table clearly shows that Vacuum constriction device like Vacurect is a natural treatment for erection problem. The device’s cost is negligible as compared to the yearly cost of pills and the doctor’s fee.

It is advisable to use only US FDA certified Vacuum constriction Device as they are duly tested for their safety standards of building the negative pressure.

Caution :

Only people already having Priapism i.e. a disorder wherein the penis erection lasts for many hours and the patients of Leukaemia are advised to consult their doctor before going  in for Vacuum  Constriction Device.

Availability :

Mostly these devices are available online through brands like Vacurect which is present in India and Asian countries . The company lists on its website the names of chemists and distributors where the device is made available.

Important Points to Remember while using Vacurect for the very First Time

  • Always use device in a standing position.
  • On first day use only two rings preferably ring 3 and 4 with a time gap of 45 minutes between the two. On second day use rings no. 5 and 6 in case you 3 and 4 are not sustaining erection.
  • Do not wear the ring for more than 30 minutes.
  • Do practice for at least 2 days before going for an intercourse.
  • Watch the video and follow the steps for creating erection.
  • The ring that holds erection for at least 3 minutes after separating the cylinder from ring is the correct ring.
  • Never use silicon oil on your penis.
  • Clean the device & ring after every use. Device to be cleaned with wet cloth & ring with normal water. Never put the ring in boiling water.
  • Use device with the minimum time gap of 45 minutes again.
  • Don’t use oil or petroleum jelly on rings as they will damage the cylinder.
  • Use silicon oil after every six months or when the outer sleeve becomes tight.
  •  For any other help please call on our helpline no. 0172-4110711.


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